Deborah McQuierns

Profession: Registered and Chartered Consultant Forensic Psychologist

Client groups: Adults

Work Area: London and the South East

Legal area of expertise: Family, Criminal and Civil Law

Rates/funding: Deborah McQuierns accepts both legally aided and privately funded cases.

Profile: Deborah has over 35 years experience working in criminal justice and health settings, including lengthy experience as a Probation Officer and a Forensic Psychologist. She has held Lead/Principal Psychologist positions at HMP/YOI Holloway (female), HMP Full Sutton (High Security) and HMP Belmarsh (High Security). Deborah has also been a visiting consultant psychologist positions in private health settings and academic/teaching positions at two universities, one current. Deborah has considerable expertise in the assessment, management and treatment of high risk complex and challenging offenders and her special interests include assessment, management and treatment of clients with mental health/personality disorder often co-morbid and with complex needs; forensic developmental disorders; neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation; and violent/sexual offending. Deborah is a Certified Expert Witness having achieved full formal accreditation through Cardiff University and Bond Solon. Deborah regularly attends Court to give evidence and has completed many expert witness assessments. Deborah is able to undertake expert witness assessments in both criminal and family law.

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