Dilanthi Weerasinghe

Profession: Educational Psychologist

Client groups: Children, Adolescents, Parents, Families

Work Area: London and the surrounding area

Legal area of expertise: Family and Criminal Law

Rates/funding: Dilanthi Weerasinghe accepts both legal aided and privately funded cases.

Profile: Dilanthi has been qualified for over 25 years as an educational and child psychologist and brings a huge array of skills and experiences to her work with pre-schoolers, children, adolescents and parents.  Her work with children including those who have complex social, emotional, attachment, developmental and educational needs, marginalised groups such as refugees, asylum seekers and with those in the care system. Dilanthi has worked mostly for Local Authorities and Children’s Services in London. As an experienced service manager she has participated in educational tribunals and regularly assessed complex cases as part of multidisciplinary SEND panels, exclusion panels and child protection panels with Health, Education and Social Care services.  Since 2015, Dilanthi has worked independently as a community and educational psychologist and continues to   liaise extensively with Children’s Services throughout London in relation to complex casework, youth offending, child protection issues, children out of school or in alternative education provision, children in residential settings   and educational tribunals. She has also worked internationally in her work with children and families, supporting children with additional/”special” educational needs in international schools, those  affected by civil conflict and war trauma,  and those with disabilities in low and middle income countries. With parents, Dilanthi has, for many years, been running a range of parenting courses including the nationally implemented Triple P programme for which she was an accredited trainer. She has specialist accredited training in Autism assessment-interventions, community engagement and a Masters in International Development, Health Promotion and Education.

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