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Ms Gail Dee

Profession: Counselling Psychologist

Client groups: Adults and parents

Work area: London and the South East

Legal area of expertise: Family and Criminal

Rates/funding: Ms Dee accepts both legal aided and privately funded cases.

Profile:  Ms Dee has been working...

Nicky Weisfeld

Profession: Educational Psychologist

Client groups: Children, Adolescents, Adults

Work Area: London, Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire.

Legal area of expertise: Family, Criminal and Civil Law

Rates/funding: Nicky accepts both legal aided and privately funded cases.

Profile: Nicky Weisfeld qualified as an...

Tracey Tostevin

Profession: Registered Forensic Psychologist

Client groups: Adults, parents

Work Area: London and surrounding area, South Coast, and West country. 

Legal area of expertise: Criminal and Family Law

Rates/funding: Tracey Tostevin accepts both legal aided and privately funded cases.

Profile: Tracey has...

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“I have instructed DGA in numerous extradition cases to assess and prepare a report on  the effect extradition would have on my clients’ families.  I found DGA to be extremely reliable and experts always complied with the court’s strict deadlines and provided a detailed and well structured report in the court proceedings”

Renata Pinter, Dalton Holmes Gray Solicitors


Because Dr Grange’s own professional training is as a psychologist, DGA only uses psychologists as associates. This is so the experts suitability can be appropriately established, which contributes to ensuring high quality professionals are used. Too often, we encounter experts who have strayed beyond their professional expertise – this will not be the case for any expert provided by DGA.


In addition, the experts must have a background in the NHS, social or educational services. It is our view that  this is the only type of background that will provide the necessary experience for completing most types of expert witness assessments.


Before working for DGA,  all the experts must first provide CV’s, references, criminal record checks, and a range of other checks also take place.


Experts joining DGA will be receive training, supervision and monitoring for their first few reports and according to their needs. Once a satisfactory standard is apparent, reports will continue to be subject to quality control.

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